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Exciting ways to use Produce
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Saving the Oil/ Zucchini catastrophe

I have saved Oil and Zucchini/Green Bean catastrophe. Tonight I pulled from the cupboard a bag of trio colored curly pasta. And from the fridge 1/2 gallon of vegetable stock saved from a previous dinner. The trio pastas were red , green and white. After cooking up the pasta I added the the Green bean/Zucchini mix for the green and white pasta and finished it with the diced Red tomato and Balsamic vinegar for the red pasta. I wanted more flavor in my new found Trio Pasta salad so I added Parm cheese and meat first Chicken base to finish the flavor profile. This settled well in my stomach. And in 100 degree weather; this salad will do, until I can go to Conroe's Saturday Market and learn what Peas Farm has in store for me this weekend.

Exciting ways to use produce

Now that my wife and I are empty-nesters I have returned to a passion of mine. 'Preparing affordable delicious meals for the two of us.' I shop Conroe Saturday am Market{SamM} looking for the freshest ingredients to please our tastes that have evolved during our child rearing years.

Let me share a few basics that I use regularly when creating our daily menu items.

1) I have learned to use meat first bases instead of salt to flavor our dishes.   {with the newest craze for Sea Salt I do experiment with this product}

2) I scour the grocery stores for the best price on Balsamic vinegar and buy fresh tomatoes, onions and different varieties of peppers from SamM for another flavor enhancer that I create.

 Recipe is as follows:2cups diced fresh tomatoes

                                  1/4 cup Balsamic vinegar

                                   1/4 cup diced onion

                                    {Spanish, red, green, or white onions--you decide}

It is good to experiment and with this mixture I get creative. I may add diced apples,peppers, or Mango. Once I even added burnt bacon.

3) I fry rice , add liquid from containers in the fridge, cook until the liquid is absorbed and save it for a dish later in the week.Normally the rice is purposely undercooked. When the rice is reheated in a dish a few days later it is fully cooked and has full flavor from marinating.

My wife at this time is my only critic.So when she says,"Fabulous meal" I am happy and feel I have accomplished what i set out to do. Make her happy so she can say one day, " I have enjoyed our time together"




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