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The Wife is home from Hospital

Last Thursday The Wife went into the hospital unexpectedly. I have been out of sorts for a few days . Today she came home. I brought her home after market. I learned she is on a Low Fiber diet. Conroe's farmer market is open again tomorrow before the Clint Black Benefit concert. I will speak with Chef Michael Fleshner and Elvis from Peas Farm and learn about Low fiber diets.

Before picking up The Wife I bought Fresh Tomatoes, Large Baked Potatoes, Fresh Green Beans,Yellow pepper, Macintosh Apple, Cilantro, and I also picked up Fresh spinach, and White onions. Until I speak with Chef Michael or Elvis I will not know if I bought the best fresh produce for a low fiber diet. I will do my research and prepare what is best for The Wife.

Tonight I put together Cream tomato soup for The Wife, Lime jello, and Chocolate pudding. It's what she was used to in the hospital. On our way home we stopped at the grocery store so she could pick the items the nurse told her to eat. Slowly we are going to get back to solid foods and I will learn a healthier way to prepare our meals.



My Wife's favorite meal

Before I leave for Market every Saturday morning part of my routine is to check the fridge crisper for Large bake potatoes. If there is 2 or more in the crisper I do not have to buy anymore. So the house rule is to always have Peas Farm potatoes in the fridge. My wife's favorite. Dinner was started late last night so I needed to prepare the potato quickly. I Julienned the potato by cutting it into eights, then I tossed them in Olive Oil and Fresh Thyme. Baked them at 400 F for 30 min. along with Baby Carrots. I tossed the Carrots in Olive oil and Fresh Tarragon. And finished it with drizzled Honey. This was a perfect meal for her. 
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