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Vermicelli and Italian Sausage

We are still enjoying SamM salsa from Mother's day. diced Roma tomatoes, White Onions, Yellow bell peppers , Balsamic vinegar and fresh Oregano. Held in a glass container. Last night I sauteed Fresh ground Italian sausage removed from it's casing. Added in one cup of SamM salsa to a pound of sausage. I then thickened the sauce by adding a Ragu style sauce, turned off the heat and concentrated on boiling the Vermicelli in fridge juice.

Fridge juice is created by saving the cooking liquid from a previous meal. This juice was the saved cooking liquid from boiling Mother's Day Redskin potatoes. Always taste your fridge juices before using to insure they have not soured on you. And I make it practice to never save cooking liquid that had seafood in it. 

With the Vermicelli cooked I tossed the noodle in Olive oil and Fresh Oregano.Placed the hot noodles in a bowl and ladled the meat sauce over the top.  I brought home from a bakery round loaves of cheese bread. I quartered the loaf, split the quartered loaf and added margarine.

It is a meal worth repeating. I foresee adding Beans, Chili seasoning and cooked Pasta to the Meat sauce for Chili mac in the near future.




The Wife's first meal, That tasted so good.

I did my research, I spoke to Chef Michael Fleshner and Elvis from Peas Farm. Here's what I prepared for The Wife, It started with Chicken thighs and Chicken breast.

Actually it started with 1 gallon of water and all of the different vegetable juices from the fridge. The Chicken was diced and added first. Fresh carrots were peeled and chopped. Diced Red peppers, Garlic and sage were stirred in next. Diced Peeled potatoes, chopped Cilantro and two Tbsp. of meat first Chicken base finish it out.

The egg noodles are boiled in a separate pan with water and cooled in cold water. Egg noodles are placed in the bottom of the bowl and hot soup is poured on top. I offered no salt top Saltines to The Wife. Our first Low fiber meal together was a success. It will continue to be an exciting adventure as I learn how to help The Wife.



It is all about Market Fresh Green Beans

Caught in crazy 5 pm traffic. I do not usually like to wander home at this time. Today went like clockwork. I locked the doors at work and started  my trek home. I was OK until I was within three miles of the house on the Interstate. I exited onto the feeder road early because of a traffic slow down on the Interstate and I sat on the feeder road with all the others who thought the feeder road would be quicker tonight. It was not, because Exxon's new World Headquarters construction traffic was also exiting onto the feeder road one mile ahead.

Frustrated about my wrong choices while traveling home I offered The Wife a choice of Pasta dishes from the fridge. She made her choice and I said," How about Fresh Green Beans from last Saturday's Market". She accepted and I was off and running, I mean prepping. I cut off the ends, washed the beans, threw away the bad, cut into 2 inch lengths. And dropped them into a pot of boiling water. The bottom of the pot was wide enough that I was able to add Sliced mushrooms to my side of the pot along with Tomato juice. And I sprinkled Sea salt on everything. The Wife's Pasta dish was microwaved and I carefully filled half of her bowl with the Green Beans. Being careful not to show her it had cooked with Mushrooms or in tomato juice. She polished off the Green Beans first and ate her Mac Cheese and hamburger pasta last. And you know how I roll I added my Green Beans/ Mushroom to a another item from the cupboard and topped it off with Garlic croutons. Excellent!



SamM salsa a winner again Say la Vie

Coming home this afternoon I could visualize 4 boxes of Macaroni and Cheese in the pantry. S0, I decided one needed to be cooked off. I started with cooking liquid from the fridge. Brought it to a boil and added the macaroni noodles. Thawed out 2 hotdogs under running water and 1/2 inch sliced them into the hot pasta. Opened the cheese packet into a jar and added 1/2 cup of cooking liquid. Stirred, and added it into the hot pot. Separated 2 raw eggs and incorporated the egg yolks. Then whipped the egg whites until frothy, seasoning with Sea salt ,sage, and nutmeg. The Seasoned egg whites were added back in to the hot pot with the fire now turned off. After it cooled for 10 min. I portioned the pasta dish into bowls. And topped with the current SamM salsa { Tomato, Onion, Balsamic vinegar Yellow sweet pepper, & Spinach}

While I was creating this pasta dish the wife was eating nine of twelve mini cinnamon rolls.  When I received her bowl back from her , She ate the SamM salsa off the top and told me that is all she was Hungry for. I ate all of my pasta bowl and then some of hers. Say La Vie


Smoked Chicken, Corn and Potato or Broccoli rice

Dinner tonight was started 3 hours early in anticipation of a 4pm dinner. The wife loves her Large baked Potatoes. And I did not want that to hold up dinner. So into the oven at 1pm on a 1 hour timer at 350F went the Large baker. When that came out it was time to bake the 4 Chicken thighs in Broccoli rice that had Parmesan tomato soup added to it. That baked at 350 F as did the potato with the sea salt, black pepper and canola oil.One more comment about the Chicken thighs, When I purchased and divided the Chicken thighs into manageable packages, I marinated them in Allegro smoke marinade. I also prepared Corn on the cob by boiling water with margarine and fresh guajillo pepper seeds {from a dish in the kitchen window}. At 4pm when the wife walked in the door, Dinner was ready to be served. As I anticipated she chose the Potato, one Smoked chicken thigh and the largest piece of Cobbed corn. I had 2 of the three thighs, Tomato parmesan broccoli rice, and the smaller cobbed corn. The meal was filled with lively conversation as we shared our accomplishments for the day. And now the wife has asked me to enjoy a TV program on 'Fit and Health' channel with her. I will oblige.

I am Ba-a-a-a-ack with an Omelet

It was a wonderful trip to see a Friend graduate from college. And now that I am home I will begin sharing again. Our internet is acting up at home so, I may be sporadic until our connection improves. This morning waking up after  a 14 hour trip I decided I would go for an omelet. Yesterday when we made it home, a take-out chicken tender dinner, was our meal of choice. This morning I sauteed Peas Farm Green peppers. Mixed 4 eggs with 1/4 c Country Gravy. Scrambled the eggs with the peppers. And added mozzarella cheese. To finish out the breakfast entree I took 2 yeast rolls from last nights dinner. Placed the rolls in the bottom of a bowl added the eggs and topped it off with more country gravy. And now my body will recover as I return to my fresh veggies diet. Time away with friends is great. We always love it though when we get back home. 

Stuffed Cabbage Casserole not Golumpki !

Now I have heard of Golumpki  because the wife is Polish. But have you ever heard of Stuffed cabbage casserole. Let me explain how this worked out. I wanted to use up what was left of my head of cabbage bought at Peas Farm this past weekend. It had been cut into in such a way that making cabbage rolls was not going to work. So I rough sliced , what was left.

In a hot frying pan I placed chopped up Bacon pieces with  2 Fresh Garlic cloves.And diced Green Peppers from Peas Farm. I then added 1/2 pound of ground beef and a shake of Sea salt. When I add ground meat to a hot frying pan I incorporate a cooking liquid from the fridge, that was from a previous meal, into the meat. Tonight I found No cooked liquid; Instead I used 6 oz of Apple soda.Now, I am cooking my concoction until the Cabbage begins to turn transparent. Into the ceramic casserole I add the hot mixture and top it off with the current SamM salsa{diced tomato, diced Honeydew melon, Balsamic vinegar} and Fresh Mozzerella Balls marinated in Olive Oil and Oregano{ an experiment in my fridge}. I baked this exciting invention at 400 F for 30 min.

The Polish reminder of my wife permeated the house when it was time to pull it out of the oven.


Minestrone Soup and I bid you Good Night

Saturday's plethora of vegetables from Conroe's Farmers Market brought me to a conclusion that Minestrone was the best choice for dinner tonight. The wife had the soup bowl from Wednesday and I had a Pork, Corn & Baked potato dinner from last night. So into a quart of light chicken stock I added diced cooked pork chops, Tex Mex corn, and the skin from a 2 pound Baked potato. As I went through the vegetable drawer in my fridge I found Zucchini that I peeled and diced. 1/4 hd cabbage, a small Bell pepper . And SamM salsa{ Tomato Honeydew melon, Balsamic vinegar} all from Conroe Farmers market.  I did find thawed spinach from the freezer. I attempted to do a quick boil on Black Beans, was not successful. I will try again tomorrow after the beans have soaked overnite. I was so full from tasting vegetables and broth as I was perfecting my creation that I did not eat much when I shared it with the wife. She asked a few times," What's wrong hun ? This is wonderful" "I am too full from taste testing" I responded. As I write this entry I am fighting fatigue. My belly is full and I bid you good night

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