Fluffy Butt Farms

  (Franklin, Georgia)
Eat local & eat fresh.
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Eat local and eat Fresh.

We raise Heritage large breed chickens. AKA Our Fluffy Butt Hens. We raise Austrialorp & Orpington Hens. These are large breed chickens. They are grain feed and cage free, vegetarian diet. Some of the folks that love our eggs are the local community we live in as well as our Adventist friends. We package these eggs in the dozen at $3.00 per dozen picked up. The cartons are recycled paper pulp cart...on & eggs are not sorted or sized so each dozen can & vary in size from large to extra large.

The hens are laying, We are having a early spring according to our ladies here, and they have fresh brown grain feed eggs ready to go. Just bring your re-usable egg cartons and save on your eggs. Call today or email anytime. cell 678-521-5646 or cell 404-245-4195 office706-675-3266 come by the farm or the office fresh eggs taste the best and are healthier too.
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