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Grid beam

You can find more about grid beam at . I have a plant in my garden that's just getting HUGE. I'm not sure yet what it is: a melon or pumpin. It's sending out branches all over the place. It seems like every day that I look at it, it gets bigger. I guess I must be doing something right! My little baby chicken is getting bigger. I compare it with its mother. Its mother is all black feathers while the baby is all black with a white patch of feathers on its chest. It picked up those white feathers from daddy rooster. The fate of the rooster depends on the gender of the baby: if the baby is male, as soon it will mate, the existing rooster will end up in a pan. This rooster is getting obnoxious: biting me and others. I gave him the scare of its life when I tried to grab him. Now, he keeps his distance, his attitude has changed, he's not attacking me any more.
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