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Cucumber and pumpkin. I planted quite a few seeds of cucumber but beans pretty much took over the whole planting space. Except for a lone pumkin. And cucumbers. And sunflowers. And sweet potatoes. The pumpkin plant is getting huge. The planting space the pumpkin takes up on the row is probably 25 feet. All the branches put in the same direction would probably make it 50 ft. I found three pumpkins about 2 inches long. The cucumber is about 2 inches. I think it's a Polish cucumber, the kind that grows to 3 feet long. It looks all fuzzy. Yesterday, I saw a green spider, on a leaf in my garden. I keep seeing interesting bugs. Some friendly, some not so. Grasshoppers get inside my garden and chew on some of leaves od my plants. Sometimes, I catch one and feed it to my chickens. The little chick caught a spider, freaked out, dropped the spider, the mommy caught up with the spider. The chick caught up with mommy and stole the spider from her. I had planted in pots stuff I had harvested from a supermarket dumpster. Just when I was to give up on a pot, I noticed a kind of spiny vine growing from it. I'm hoping it will produce food. Anyway, I put in the ground. Now, it's resuming its growth. It has spines, but soft. I haven't checked on the tubers of my sweet potatoes. I know sweet potatoes are perennials, so it takes them a longer time a root system. But when there's a good root system, they'll produce year after year. Never go hungry.
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