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Mangos In Paradise, LLC 2012 Season is wonderful, in spite of Tropical Storm Debby!

Tropical storm Debby, has certainly kept us busy but all is well with our orchard. Our mangoes are just beautiful and we are harvesting nearly daily. The winds from the storm had the mangoes "dancing" on their panicles!

This years harvest has proved to be deliciously sweet with melt in your mouth flavor. The Glenn and Cogshall varities are just about finished and the wonderful Valencia Pride's are now on their way. Sal has been very busy, harvesting, trimming and now and then dodging rain drops. I have been busy packing and shipping these terrific tropical fruits to all the mango lovers from coast to coast. The more we eat the "mighty" mango the more we and others love the many ways to cook and bake with them, or just stand at the kitchen sink dig in and enjoy. The juices run down your arms to the elbow, how fun!

We also keep learning and hearing about the amazing health benefits.The mango is an excellent source of vitamins A, C and E and is a very rich source of potassium. Potassium us an important component of cell and body fluids that helps controlling heart rate and blood pressure. These are certainly compelling reasons to eat and enjoy more mangoes!

I will keep you posted on the varities as they continue to come into season.

All the best from sunny Pine Island, Florida.

Libby an Sal



Mangos are ready for shipping!

Yes, it that time of year when the delicious Pine Island, Floridia mangos are ready for harvesting and shipping. We are so happy that our Glenn variety of mangos are just perfect for harvesting and we are busy getting them packed and sent directly to your door to enjoy.

If you are a mango lover and know what really great taste like, these mangos will not disappoint! Please try some of our terrific reciepes or eat them just as we do most often straight from our orchard. They are simply delicious, melt in your mouth mangos that keep us all coming back for more. Mangos in Paradise, LLC is a family owned orchard where we take great care in providing the very best fruits possible. Try some soon. Order today and feel free to call should you have any questions.



Sal and Libby Vita, owners  www.


Pine Island Florida Mangos

Florida mangos!  

 I am happy to report that this upcoming season of Florida mangos is looking great. The trees are flowering and the weather has been terrific here on Pine Island for a great harvest.

 The Florida mangos are really superior in flavor and texture compared with the mangos that are currently available in the market. One reason being is that ours are never refigerated and not boiled in hot water before shipped. Naturally grown, handpicked and delicious.

 The Florida mango season begins in late May and continues through early September. We cannot wait to enjoy the delicious mango smoothies, mango cake and chicken with mango recipes. In season we find ways to enjoy mangos for breakfast, lunch and supper. Yum, the very most delicious fruit will be coming soon.

  We have our first grandson Jacob who is only 5 months old today. As soon as he can begin to enjoy fruits we will be whipping up a fresh mango for a taste of real food. We will keep you posted.

 Libby and Sal  

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