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Happy Holidays from Mangos In Paradise.LLC

Happy Holidays from Mangos In Paradise,LLC

 It is going to be another very interesting season for growing mangoes here in Pine Island Florida. This week of Christmas we have had temps in the mid 80's! Yes, old man winter has stayed up in the North and we have been basking the sun! Our Julie mangoes are flowering. They are very popular and we have had many requests for them in past. We will keep all you mango lovers posted on the progress of our trees and hope that 2014 will bring us a great harvest for you. All the best for you in the New Year.



Merry Christmas from Mangos In Paradise,LLC

We would like to extend a special thank you to all of our loyal customers throughout this past year. We send you our best wishes for a healthy and happy holiday season.

As winter began just a few days ago we begin to feel a crisp morning air and as you know tropical fruits really prefer a warmer environment. We are no longer shipping papaya, our season is closed. We are preparing the mango trees for a early May season of wonderful fruits.

We are happy to share with you that in our efforts to maintain a natural growing enviroment in our mango orchard we have added four little goats. They do a superior job in keeping the grasses nice and low as well as enjoying the shade of our mango trees. We have Billy, Louie, Josafina, and Jenny who is carrying a baby and is due any day. How wonderful and fun this experience has been for us. Our grandson Jacob, who is 15 months old says only one word, GOAT...He loves visiting the orchard with us.

 For those of our customers who may be local we are preparing to sell fig trees. Sal has been very busy with propagating new cuttings and has over 30 varieties of figs. He has spent many hours researching and studying and experimenting with differnt figs to find the very best varieties for southwest Florida as we are in Zone 10B. So we will keep you posted as to when they will be available and you can make plans to pick them up directly from us.

We have also been busy researching  many new additional varieties of mangos as we are always expanding our mango orchard for early and later fruiting varieties to extend our season.

 All the best for a safe and happy holiday season and a blessed New year.

Sal and Libby Vita

Mangos In Paradise.LLC



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