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Imigration trouble!

I was just out feeding my cows and listining to PBS. The interview with a tomato farmer talking about illegal immigrant labor made me nuts. acording to him, His $.99 tomatoes would turn into $3.00 - $4.00 $5.00 tomatoes that he would have compete with surounding states for!? Also something about four flats of tomatoes before a local left. How does that make sence? How many lbs of tomatoes can a person powered by a walker pick in a hour? Say 10, they are 1/2 lb tomatoes. That is 20 tomatoes! let's give the old coot $10.00 an hour. That is (as near as my math can speculate) one dollar a pound.

Do I have time to take a break?

The weather is what farmers talk about I guess. I have been moving hand lines and mending fence all summer after work. It hasen't frosted here yet so the cows have there heads down out in the pasture. Done with the fairs. Winter hay is arranged, no calves due in the next few weeks, water wetherizing can wait. The garden is getting a little mature but still producing. Kids are off to collage. I think I am ready for October Fest a few weeks early. I must be dreaming! I'll walk out to the barn that will wake me up.

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