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Insight on the joy and misery at Holloman Produce Farm!
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Welcome to The Whole Story

Welcome everyone to my new Local Harvest blog!  This blog will be a somewhat abridged version of my regular, ongoing blog that I maintain on my website,  For new readers, or random viewers who happened to stumble upon this page, let me introduce myself:  I am Richard Holloman, and I own a small CSA farm in northern Illinois that serves members mostly in the northwest suburbs of Chicago.  I split my time between my Hoffman Estates home and my farm, which is located in Hanover, IL (not to be confused with Hanover Park, IL).  Mine is a very small farm, but on it I grow a large variety of wholesome, naturally produced vegetables and herbs exclusively for my CSA members.  This is my third year of being a farmer, after having been (briefly) a high school science teacher, and (for many years prior) a horticulturist with various employers, including nurseries and botanical gardens.  As long as I'm giving you my resume, I might as well mention that I am a proud alumnus of the University of Georgia, and even though that was long ago and I am an Illinois native, there is never a time that I don't miss Athens, GA.  I know many people have that kind of attachment to their alma mater.  Ahh, but don't worry, I don't ever go droning on about the Bulldogs, or anything like that.  I have much more pressing issues on my mind, such as the near-constant misery of farming, and the joy of home-brewing beer.  So, check back, why don't you?  I sometimes have very interesting observations and complaints.  And please, don't be afraid to contact me!  I love to hear from people.  Again, welcome.

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