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The Eyes Have It

Has anyone ever said to you, "Get your eyes examined!"? Usually they say it when something is very plain to see and you miss it. Well, I had this happen to me this past week. My mom told me I need my eyes examined. Not because, I missed something, but she noticed how I was struggling when I was reading. So today I went to get an eye exam. I am not really fond of the glaucoma test; when they puff a little air into your eye. Nonetheless, it is all part of the exam. The doctor told me my eyes were in good health other than some cataracts beginning to develop - another sign of getting older.  The appointment took most of the morning, so I was unable to post anything. Once I had lunch and got home, I was able to build the first of two cold frames. They are 48 inches square. This will give us extra room for hardening off our plants before they go into the field. I placed them on the cement near one of our buildings, facing south. I think it will work well. Tomorrow is a big day for seeding, so I am going to get some of the flats filled so I am ready to go. Hope you have a great afternoon and evening. More tomorrow!
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