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Pooped Out and Popcorn!!

Today was a long day of meetings. I spent all day learning! I guess that was a good thing, but sometimes after being in meetings, one feels like they wasted a day. I am not sure how I feel yet?? I worked on a few seedling issues this afternoon and watered the ones that were in need. Tomorrow is another day of seeding and then building a second cold frame. It seems like spring is just around the corner and I am behind! I hope it all comes together and I am sure it will. My nephew, Andy will be coming out this weekend to help with with a few projects. As I have mentioned before, he is such good help. I wish I had several more just like him. I say that only knowing that I have several nieces and nephews that are very talented and gifted. By no means are they to be slighted. Everyone is gifted differently.

I also received a phone call today from my popcorn seed supplier. The seed is going to be shipped out soon. I guess there is no real hurry, as it will not be planted until the middle of May. This year we are expanding the popcorn production up so we can have popcorn this fall for sale. Keep watching for availability here online this fall. If it is anything like the popcorn we grew this year, it will be awesome. We will have both yellow, white and baby rice corn. Tonight I am going to take it easy and do a little reading. Hope you have a wonderful evening and we will catch you tomorrow. God Bless!

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