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A Productive Day - Sweet - - - - Corn!!!!

Another day in the field at the Bountiful Blessings Farm. We planted another twelve rows of sweet corn this morning. Dad cultivated sweet corn, onions and potatoes. I had to pick up a few supplies from our local fertilizer dealer this afternoon. Once that was complete, I had to water tomatoes in the field. The wind today dried the ground out real fast. I could barely tell they were watered last night. Dad mowed lawn this afternoon while I was watering. Once Kim came home from work, we continued to plant cauliflower and broccoli. I guess we planted about 300 plants before it started to storm. It came up quick and only lasted a few minutes, but the lightning was fierce and we had to come in from the field. I wanted to get the rest of the cole crops planted, but still have about four flats left to go. I guess tomorrow is another day. I don't think we got enough rain to slow us down. I am going to have to planted some mid-season sweet corn in the next day or so. We are moving along almost perfectly on schedule. We have to keep to our plan in order for this to run smooth. If we break away from our plan, things could get very hectic. I am really learning that planning is probably the most important thing a person can do in this business. I am also learning that I should have done even more planning. But as for now, I plan to eat and relax a bit before another productive day tomorrow. Hope you have a great evening and God Bless!!
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