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Another Exciting and Productive Day

I am so excited! Today was awesome! I was able to get another couple of loads of manure spread on our vegetable ground. It is amazing to be out in the field getting ready for the upcoming planting season. I had to clean a little manure off of the road from yesterday, but otherwise no major concerns. The ground was firm and the tractor did not make any ruts in the ground, however, around nine this morning, the ground was to greasy to continue. I will have to haul a couple of loads in the morning. If everything goes well, I should be able to attend church. I hate not being able to make church on Sunday morning, but it is supposed to rain next week, so I want to get this done. 

Several of my seed orders came in today. Wow! Who ordered all this seed? I have to admit, it was me! Having near twenty acres this year, requires a lot of seed. It is so exciting to see the seed coming in and soon, in just a few months, these seeds will be plants that will produce food; food that will be enjoyed not only by me, but by those who stop in an buy these wonderful "Bountiful Blessings". We still have CSA subscriptions available for those of you who are interested. Shoot me an email or take a look at our website at:

The seed room is almost done and our seedling rack is bear three-quarters finished. I will start seeding next week. I still have lots of things to get completed for the season and time is getting shorter and shorter. Interestingly, the weather has been so mild. I wonder when we will actually be able to work the ground. Sometimes when it is this nice in January and February, we end up with lots of snow in March. I really hope this does not happen. I'd like to get in the field in a timely fashion. This would help me out a great deal. I know it is in God's hands and I trust Him! Tomorrow is a new day to see God's blessings once again. Each and every day is a miracle and I try to live each day in a way that would bring glory to Him.

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