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Dirty Fuel Filters

Last night I spent about twenty minutes writing a blog entry and I see it is not here. I am not sure what happened. Maybe I did not do something correctly. It was almost nine-thirty before I sat down to eat supper and here it is almost nine tonight and I am just getting supper. Today has been an interesting day. I worked in the field yesterday working down ground with the tractor and disk. I got quite a bit finished, but knew I would need to get out there again today. So, this morning I got out there fairly early after a conference call with my dad. He gave me some suggestions about the planter we will be using this spring. The ground was working down great until the tractor seemed to not have any power. I brought it up to the farm yard and realized the fuel filters needed changing. I had already purchased them earlier this month from NAPA where my wife works. They were easy to change and I was back out in the field. I got down to just having two or three rounds to make and the filters plugged up again. I then went into town and got tow more filters. Needless to say, I did not get the entire field done today. I am hoping the rain will hold off until I am able to get the filters changed and I finish up the field. 

I went to an auction lot this afternoon and looked at some equipment, but did not find anything we could use at Bountiful Blessings Farm. I was going to head down to the auction tomorrow, but have decided to stay home and get some more things done. It is getting late and I am getting tired, so I will let you know how tomorrow goes later. Goodnight and God Bless!

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