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Energetic Day

After some more research, I determined that I needed to find the right fertilizer for the asparagus. After driving all over the country, I found out that no one carried what I was looking for. So, we switched gears and planted potatoes yesterday. I worked some ground down while dad cut potatoes. Then I struck out the first row with the 234 and middle-buster. It really worked slick. We got twelve rows in yesterday. We then drove to Hampshire to look at an International 140 tractor. It was a disappointment. The tractor was junk. Now it is back to square one. So if you know of a 140 for sale, shoot me an email. Now its off to the greenhouse for more seeding and transplanting. And I'm sure we will be back in the field plant the balance of our potatoes! Have a super day and may God richly bless you in Christ Jesus!
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