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Fruit Tree Preparation

Well it is supposed to warm up a little bit today. Yesterday was a nice sun shiny day, but it never really got all that warm. Today, my wife and I are attending church. It will be nice to be there as we were unable to attend last Sunday. There is also a luncheon at the church today. I really love these potluck events. There is so much great food! Everyone always brings their best dish.

Later on this afternoon, a friend wants me to show him how to prune his fruit trees. They are only a couple of years old, so they shouldn't be too bad. I have seen some over the years that are really nasty. Sometimes, a person almost wonders whether or not these bad ones are worth pruning. Once the fruit trees are pruned they should be sprayed with dormant oil. Dormant oil blocks the air holes through which insects breathe, causing them to die from asphyxiation. Oils also can control some plant diseases, such as powdery mildew.

Spraying of dormant oil should occur on a clear day when the temperatures are expected to remain over 50 degrees F. for at least twenty-four hours. The ideal temperatures for application is between 40 and 70 degrees F. in order to get the oil to spread out over the tree and cover all crooks and crevices. 

The fruit trees here at the farm also need to be pruned. I will be tackling that job within the next two weeks. I had to cut them severely last year as they had been neglected for several years. This year will be much easier. I am hoping we get a nice crop in the late summer or early fall.

 I guess I better get moving here. It's almost time to head over to the church. Have a great day! (Might even get a little NASCAR later)!!!

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