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I See the Light

Walking outside this evening was so beautiful. It is a wonderful night with clear skies. The stars are incredible and the moon, the moon is amazing! Everything is lit up by the luminous glow of the bright yellow moon. Awesome! After a long day of seeding, cleaning and repairing things, I took my wife out for dinner with my uncle and aunt. We had a lovely dinner in Lee, IL. The food was great and we enjoyed Raven and Samuel, my little cousins as well. Tomorrow my nephew, Andy will be helping me with a few projects. My sister called and told me he has baseball practice in the morning, but later in the day he will be coming out to help me. As I have mentioned several times before, He is great help. I have more seeding to do tomorrow and I want to work on another cold frame. That should keep me fairly busy until Andy gets here to help. On Sunday, after church, Kim, my daughter and I are attending a play. My niece and nephew, Grant and Taylor are in "The Wizard of Oz". Taylor is a munchkin and Grant is the mayor of Munchkin land. I am excited to see the play.

The seedlings are looking great in the seed room and I still have some room for more. I am working on another seed rack to accommodate more flats. The temperature in the seed room has been remaining steady, which is good. The humidity level is good and there is good air circulation. The only thing I would like to improve is the lighting. I think it could be better, but I think it will be alright for this year. I might want to improve on that next year. Well, its about time for me to hit the hay. You know what they say, "Early to bed..."

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