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Winter in the Country

After weeks of preparation for the upcoming planting season, I decided to take a day and relax. The weather here at Bountiful Blessings Farm is cold around 25 degrees. Last night we got about an inch of white fluffy snow. This morning it was blowing across the road and drifting in the driveway, but nothing too serious.

My wife gave me the idea to get the old ice cream maker out and make another batch of ice dream. We have been making ice cream about every Saturday in January. I love ice cream, but generally only eat vanilla. My wife thinks I am nuts not to try other flavors. Nonetheless, for me, vanilla is still number one. Well I got the old machine out and mixed up the batch. The key to making great ice cream is not using chunks of ice that are large. They cause the ice cream to be gritty. However, using small ice cubes works very well. Always use rock salt with the ice. So, the machine was going and when it finished, we decided to make some mint chocolate chip this time. We added green food coloring and the chips after the process was finished. YUMMY! It was very good! I was impressed. Anyhow, for me, I still like the vanilla better! Well its off to eat some more!

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