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Honored to be God's Steward

Jeff has been asked to be a guest on KFUO radio station this coming Monday, February 24th at 11:00am. He will be joined by Pastor Jeff Hemmer and radio host Andrew B Bates on Faith n Family discussing care for creation as part of KFUO's First Article theme for the week. If you are interested in hearing the program, you can live stream at

"To God be the glory! What an honor; I am humbled!!" - Jeff

So in preparation for the radio program, I thought I would blog a bit about how we take care of God's Creation at Bountiful Blessings Farm.

One of the most important things we try to do at the farm is take care of the soil. My grandpa worked very diligently to make sure the soil was healthy, Today, we strive very hard to maintain the soil and contribute to it's health. Adding organic content, keeping the soil fertilized, watching the pH levels and soil tillage are some of our top priorities. These measures help to insure proper stewardship of God's real estate.

Another area of concern is chemical use. At Bountiful Blessings farm we admit we are not organic. However, we do not use harsh chemicals that might endanger wildlife, bees or benificial life. We also take care in putting the well-being of ourselves and customers first by using methods that are safe and effective. We do not spray on a regimen and we incorporate sustainable practices and integrated pest management.  When we spray, we start with organic compounds. We don’t use anything stronger than a one-day post harvest interval. We strive to be good stewards of the many gifts and blessings God bestows upon us which include our education and knowledge of good agricultural practices.

We work very hard to insure the safest practices are implemented in our production of delicious, locally grown vegetables.


A Pain in the Back

Unfortunately, I am not doing so well today. Two weeks ago tonight, I slipped on the ice and wrenched my back. I thought it was getting better, but today I am in a lot of pain. Usually, when I get up and get moving it feels much better, but not today. As I writing this, I am sitting in the recliner with a heating pad on my back. The heat seems to be soothing my back and alleviating the pain. I hope it heals and soon; I have a lot of things to accomplish in the next few weeks.

The seeds I have sown in the last week or so are starting to emerge through the soil. They are looking great. Yesterday, I picked up some materials to expand the seed room so there is enough space for all of the seedlings. Later today, I have several varieties seeds to plant. I know I have mentioned it before, but seeing these seeds germinate is really exciting. This is really incredible to see. There is life in that little “dead” seed that is placed in the soil. One little seed that will end up yielding so much! How great is God’s creation!

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