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Very Busy Yet Enjoyable Day

Today was a little different than most days around the farm. I was up early as normal, but only to check on things and then it was off with my sister and family to move all the stuff from my parent's summer home in central Illinois. The property was sold and all of our belongings needed to be moved out. Dad and mom rented a U-Haul Truck to haul everything back to the farm. It was fun working together with most of the family loading the truck and cleaning the house. There was a little tension in the air, but no really big problems. I drove the truck back to Hinckley this evening and my mom rode back with me. 

Dad arrived back to the farm tonight from his winter vacation and he thought everything looked pretty good. Andy and I surprised him with the new wagon we built this winter. I think he really liked it. I think it looks pretty good and it will work great for hauling our produce out of the field. It was a long day and tomorrow we have to get the truck unloaded and back to the rental place. I have more to seed and a bit of transplanting to complete. Sunday is my grandson's birthday party in Indiana, however if the weather is real hot, I may not be able to attend. Someone has to be here to maintain the plants in the greenhouses. I really hope I can go and enjoy the day with the rest of the family, but sometimes a farmer has to tend to his crop. May God richly bless each of you! Good night!

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