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Ridiculous Weather

The weather here in Northern Illinois is ridiculous. March temperatures have been incredibly high. In fact tomorrow it is supposed to reach 74 degrees. The average for the state is around 41 degrees. I wonder if we will get hit later with colder temperatures and more snow? I have seen that happen before. 

Today I will be sowing more seeds. Once that is done, I am going to finish the second cold frame and work on doors for the high tunnel. My back is still sore, but there is too much to accomplish for me to sit around and wait for it to get better.  I might try to get into a chiropractor later today or tomorrow. I think all I have is a strained muscle or a pinched nerve. I would think the doctor could make an adjustment and I would feel better. But as for today, its off to work!


A Pain in the Back

Unfortunately, I am not doing so well today. Two weeks ago tonight, I slipped on the ice and wrenched my back. I thought it was getting better, but today I am in a lot of pain. Usually, when I get up and get moving it feels much better, but not today. As I writing this, I am sitting in the recliner with a heating pad on my back. The heat seems to be soothing my back and alleviating the pain. I hope it heals and soon; I have a lot of things to accomplish in the next few weeks.

The seeds I have sown in the last week or so are starting to emerge through the soil. They are looking great. Yesterday, I picked up some materials to expand the seed room so there is enough space for all of the seedlings. Later today, I have several varieties seeds to plant. I know I have mentioned it before, but seeing these seeds germinate is really exciting. This is really incredible to see. There is life in that little “dead” seed that is placed in the soil. One little seed that will end up yielding so much! How great is God’s creation!


A Real Treat

Another day is here and it is getting closer and closer to the busy season. Today I will be working in the shop on several pieces of equipment and I will be doing some more seeding this morning. I am not sure if I mentioned it before, but I am having some trouble with my back. I fell on the ice last week and I am in a little pain. I did not sleep very well last night and it is difficult to move around this morning. Usually, once I get going, it does not feel so bad. I am hoping that is the case today. There is so much to get done, and a bad back is not going to help things any. 

I mentioned the other day that we will be growing about 28 varieties of heirloom tomatoes this year. Some people have asked me why heirlooms. Heirloom tomatoes are not as productive as hybrid plants, but the variety, color and taste are unmatched. Heirloom tomatoes come in colors such as salmon pink, yellow, purple, red, orange and even green. Some are striped and others grow in unusual shapes. A few of the more popular Heirloom varieties rated for flavor include Brandywine, Black Krim and Hillbilly. Heirloom tomatoes also have a tendency to produce tomatoes continuously throughout the season. Heirloom tomato growing is not any different than growing hybrids. I have already been getting emails and phone calls asking me whether we will have heirlooms again this year. It all about taste! Many people have never tasted “real” tomatoes — if you’ve only eaten supermarket or other commercially produced tomatoes, you’re in for a delicious surprise. Stop out this summer for a real treat!


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