Collie Flower Farm

  (Woodstock, Illinois)
"Happiness held is the seed; Happiness shared is the flower." John Harrigan
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Never a dull moment at " Collie flower Farm"

Living in the country,I enjoy all the wildlife that share our 4 acres. Our collies, Ross and Sydney enjoy it too! Of course the way we see wildlife is very different. I like to quietly observe their behavior,while the dogs like to observe a bit closer usually at full speed across the meadow. I have respect for the land and all the creatures we share it with so I don't allow the dogs to run unsupervised. I don't want them to be injured or cause injuries to other animals.

 Among our animal friends are a pair of foxes. I have seen and heard them many times and find them to be amazing and beautiful.Their calls are very distinctive . This morning I heard the dogs barking outside and stepped out to call them in when I noticed a fox on the opposite side of our fence. As I called to the dogs I noticed another fox walking across our frozen pond as if he didn't have a care in the world. Unfortunately the dogs noticed too and the chase was on. I ran out across the snow in my stocking feet hoping to prevent an encounter.Luckily the fox is pretty fast and escaped unharmed. That is when I really felt foolish and very cold! I guess I need to keep my boots closer to the door. I sometimes wonder if the foxes are playing a game with the dogs or perhaps they enjoy the thrill of the chase too. We all got our exercise today!



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