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"Happiness held is the seed; Happiness shared is the flower." John Harrigan
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Singing in the rain

 It has been a crazy spring around the country. Here in N. Illinois, we are experiencing a very  warm spring. I actually had the air conditioner on for a few days while temperatures stayed in the 80's. This is definitely not a typical Chicago spring. I remember having snow on Easter, and rarely did we have blooming flowers for the occasion. I am enjoying all the early color but wonder how the rest of the season will shape up . I am glad we have had some good rains to make up for the lack of snow melt.  I am also seeing more bugs and am sure that they will be an issue this year.

  We have started a few projects early this year too. We are installing a beautiful entry gate and repairing the fence.And we plan on creating a "walk -in cooler", in the concrete garage. I learned about using a "Cool-Bot" , along with a window air conditioner , at the UW Madison Cut Flower Growers School on Feb. 18 &19 this year. The class was amazing and so much fun. The instructors,Jeanie McKewan and Joe Schmitt were very knowledgeable and skilled at passing that knowledge to all of us. I will be bending 100 hoops for flower supports and tunnel fabric using the plans provided by Joe. As a carpenter, I love to make things! That is part of my love for gardening. I love the design, the growing, and the harvest of all that effort. No one likes to weed, but it does last longer than keeping the kitchen clean! When I can make useful things, whimsical things, things to invite others to enjoy the garden, I feel truly happy, like singing in the rain!

  Happy Spring, Liz




Snow happy

Snow happy! 

Kids aren't the only ones who love snow. We farmers also appreciate it. While everyone in northern Illinois has been enjoying our mild weather thru December and early January, I have been anxiously watching some of the 800 bulbs I planted this fall eagerly poking their heads up thinking it must be spring because of the very mild temps and a lot of rain. Although I'm glad to save money on plowing, I was very worried that all my work would be for nothing. I was so glad to see the cold and snow finally show up over the last 2 weeks. Thankfully, only green shoots had started so the bulbs will recover. If anyone has had the same worries, as long as the flower buds did not appear, your bulbs will survive. The cold has put them back to sleep and the snow will provide a blanket to keep them comfy until spring really rolls around.

This is my first year as a flower CSA and I'm so excited to see all that color. I will also participate in a Flower Growers class at the University of Wisconsin in Madison next month. I hope to learn more about  sharing my passion for flowers with all my CSA subscribers! 

Meanwhile the collies, Ross and Sydney, will curl up by my feet while I plan my flower beds and enjoy some hot chocolate and snuggle time.


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