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Baking for the Hart County Farmer's Market

I have been busy baking Monday and Thursdays for the Tuesday and Friday Hart County Farmer's Market in Munfordville, KY.  Here are some of the things I have brought there since 4/20/12.  The sales have been good and we are selling our plants and herbs also.



A busy day at Home Farm Herbery


We did not have any rain last night so the morning was divided between running the sprinklers in various parts of the gardens for intervals of 30 minutes. It is a real pain in the neck since the automatic sprinkler system pipes in the ground froze up a few years back, but it gives me a chance to get all my computer work done during the 2.5 hours it takes to give everything a good drink of water. 

I am doing well selling my herb and vegetable plants and baked goods at the Hart County Farmer’s Market on Tuesdays and Friday mornings and each time I am able to send a nice little check off to St. Jude Children’s ResearchHospital.  We are all still waiting for the covered pavilion to be finished and we hope to see it by the beginning of June.

Our veggies are starting to look good and I am running around and staking things, plus repotting things in the green house.

Here is what we look like around here this morning and remember just hit the first picture to make it full screen.


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