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We have created 3 new teas for you to try and they are great hot or iced. Order today

Relax and Digest Tea will truly help make your day better.
Unwind after a meal with Home Farm Herbery's Relax and Digest Tea. We have created a delicious Caffeine Free herbal tea that stimulates digestion and loosens the mind!
We started with a splash of color; the organic red rose petals provide a gentle floral note, followed by the unmistakable chamomile to complete the wildflower bouquet. With the sweetness of peppermint, the bite of ginger, and the airiness of fennel, this pale cup keeps your body working while your mind rests!
Ingredients- Peppermint, ginger, lemon balm, chamomile, Rose petals, orange peel, fennel and papaya leaf.  
Every sampler package makes 6 to 7 cups of incredible tea.

African Summer Tea is just what you will want when the heat goes up and the sun goes
Our Home Farm Herbery African Summer tea was inspired by the hot climate of the African Serengeti where their African Summer tea is a unique blend infused with herbs that heal and nourish the body. We know because one of our Safari friends brought us back a package a long time ago and we have been perfecting a duplicate over the years that we consider just right now.
Starting with honey bush, a smooth-tasting relative of rooibos, African Summer provides additional vitamins and minerals through eucalyptus and we add our organic hibiscus, safflower, and marigolds. The zest of citrus and our organic rosehips strengthens your immunity and steels your body. Capture a taste of the exotic plains with every sip!
 Ingredients: honeybush, lemongrass, lemon myrtle, rose hips, eucalyptus, hibiscus, safflower, marigolds, and natural orange flavor. Every sampler package makes 6 to 7 cups of great herbal tea! 
Passion Berry Fruit Tisane will delight you as no other tea has or will. This is magnificent hot even in the summer because hot drinks really cool your blood stream down. However, it is a real treat when iced. Plus it is all organic and chemical-free. Our Home Farm Herbery Passion berry Fruit Tisane has our own organic dried apples and hibiscus petals into which we add some tart cranberries, slivers of orange peel producing a yummy tisane shimmers with natural sweetness and releases the tang of an autumn orchard into the room! You will find our Home Farm Herbery Passion berry Fruit Tisane is a scrumptious medley of fruits and flowers, bursting with flavor and free of caffeine and one sip of this amber cup is like falling into a fruit pie, lush and warm! Enjoy! Ingredients: Hibiscus, apple cranberries, orange peel and a burst of natural fruit flavoring. Caffeine Free   Click here to order your sampler package today. It makes 6-7 cups of tea and we pay for the shipping plus we will include a free herb or herb blend of our choice as our thank you gift to you.

It is not too late to plant basil in pots or containers or even window boxes

It is not too late to plant basil in pots or containers or even window boxes and we have packaged this years crop of seeds Basil Red Velvet, Basil Thai, Basil Italian Large Leaf, Basil Genovese. Basil Lime and for those who have just a little space why not plant a pot or two of Basil Herb Mix which has some of all those seeds in the package.
Basil, Genovese Seeds (100% Heirloom/Non-Hybrid/Non-GMO)
Our Home Farm Herbery heirloom is the classic Genovese Basil variety and it is a sweet basil prized for its spicy flavor and wonderful aroma. These fragrant plants grow 18-24". This is the variety of choice for making pesto and adding to pizzas. 60-90 days to Maturity. Click here to order yours now.
Basil, Herb Mix Seeds (100% Heirloom/Non-Hybrid/Non-GMO)
Our Home Farm Herbery Basil Herb Mix is a special blend of popular basil varieties. Just plant these seeds in your garden and you'll be enjoying a great variety of Basil. What great flavor and a great mix! This is so easy to grow and it is extremely popular making it one of our best sellers. 60-90 days to Maturity Click here to order yours now.
Basil, Italian Large Leaf seeds (Heirloom/Non-Hybrid/Non-GMO)
Our Home Farm Herbery heirloom Italian Large Leaf Basil seeds will produces a large plant with medium to dark green leaves that can measure up to 4" long. The smell of these Basil leaves will leave you wanting more. Each basil leaf is packed with a ton of healthy taste and flavor. This is a great variety to plant in your garden in you like to use Basil in your kitchen. This is an extremely popular variety with excellent flavor and smell. Approx. 75 days to Maturity Click here to order now.
Herb, Basil Lime Heirloom Seed (Non-Hybrid/Non-GMO)
Herb, Basil Lime AKA (O. americanum) This Basil has a zesty lime flavor and aroma. It is delicious in salads, salsa, and fish and chicken dishes. Compact, mounding plants average 20" in height. It is more heat tolerant than sweet basil. Annual. Click here to order yours now.
Basil, Red 'Velvet' Leaf Seeds (Non-Hybrid/Non-GMO)
Our Home Farm Herbery Red Leaf basil plant produces high yields of basil with deep-red colored leaves that are extremely aromatic, plus it produces continuously all season long. This is perfect for container and it is easy to grow so buy some seeds today. Approx.. 80 days to Maturity Click here to order this wonderful Basil Red Velvet today.
Basil, Thai Seeds (100% Heirloom/Non-Hybrid/Non-GMO)
Our Home Farm Herbery Thai Basil plant is one of the most fragrant basil varieties available with a unique flavor that is unlike other traditional basil. - Extremely aromatic - Purple stems with green leaves - Can be added to soups and curry - Used in many Thai dishes recipes. Approx.. 80 days to Maturity Click here to order this fantastic basil now.
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