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Every garden needs some sunflowers in it so order these beauties today.

Sunflower Seeds - "Autumn Beauty" Helianthus annuus

At Home Farm Herbery we love the orange, red and yellow colors of this heirloom Autumn Beauty Sunflower seed.  It blooms to the height of 40 to 60 inches and loves the sun and thrives in zones 4-9.

Our 1 oz. Sampler Packet covers approx. Up to 8 Sq. Ft so plant some today.

We only have 11 packets of these non-hybrid, non-GMO heirloom seeds this year and

When you sow this package of seeds you are taking part in the preservation of healing plants worldwide. 

1 oz. Sampler Packet $5.99 comes with free shipping and each order comes with a free complimentary herb or herb blend of our choice so buy yours today. Plus all our seeds come with special planting instruction sheets and other free goodies we can think of. So Buy today and you will be glad you did.

We thank you in advance as all our net proceeds go to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

How to use our Sun Dried Tomatoes

Sun Dried Tomatoes (All Natural)
One of the things we love to do in the Home Farm Herbery Creativity Center Kitchen is to create our famous Sun Dried Tomatoes and when we do we are left with the best gourmet Sun Dried Tomatoes that have a sweet, distinctive and tangy taste and aroma. 

Our sun-dried tomatoes are a great staple to give a quick flavor boost to recipes, but you will need to first reconstitute them.

 Here's how:
Place sun-dried tomatoes in heat-proof bowl.
Completely cover with boiling water.
Let sit for 30 minutes until soft and pliable.
Drain and pat dry.

Reserve the soaking liquid to use in soups and sauces.
Refrigerate and use leftovers within three days or cover with oil and refrigerate and use within two weeks.
To reconstitute in oil, simply cover with a good-grade olive oil for 24 hours before using
Sun-dried tomato oil may be reserved to use in salad.

Just say NO to gene-altered foods

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