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3/4/12 a day at Home Farm Herbery


 It was very windy today and about 40 degrees even though the greenhouse was a balmy 72 degrees. Today I added 5’ x 3’ to the old Iris bed & I planted 25 Blazing Star Liatris.

 I also added 15 African Corn Lily bulbs to the enlarged area of the old Iris bed.

 Kate Kenny was here working on her stained glass lamp she is creating and she hauled down an 80 pound bag of mulch to new bed for me and then hauled 2 more up to the new bulb bed I am making towards the front of the house. It will have bulbs on the driveway side and perennial wildflowers on the lawn side.

I also planted 23 Oriental Star Gazer Lilies in that area. They are fragrant and return year after year. I added 10 Mixed Asiatic Lily bulbs to that area also and 10 Star Gladiolus bulbs. I want to have color in that area all the time so I have planted early, mid and late blooming bulbs such as these Ithuriel’s Spear bulbs which are mid blooming.

 I also planted 1 yellow Seattle Dahlia in that bed. The Grape Hyacinths are popping up.

 I got everything planted outside even though the wind was blowing me away and it seemed colder than it was. I started at 8:30 am and finished at 11:30 am. I was even able to install 12 more solar lights during that time thus finishing up one whole walkway.

I came in and did a half hour on the computer and then made lunch for Carl and Kate Kenny who was here working in the studio. They went back to work in the studio and I had a pile of computer work to do and then at 2 pm I was able to get back into the greenhouse.

I planted a large flat of Russian Tarragon seeds, and 40 pots of Sweet William seeds, a large flat of Chives, 2 large containers of Shasta daisy and a large container of Sweet Marjoram.

 Chives are wonderful and they can be direct seeded. Established plants can easily be divided in the spring & fall. These perennials will self seed. The flowers are edible & this herb freezes well. They are perennials in zones 3-9 and you should remove spent blossoms regularly to prolong blooming.

 I was able to get done just before the sky became grey so we may well have bad weather tonight.

Ken just dropped off all the landscape timbers I asked him to pick up for me.

To see the slide show of today’s efforts clcik on this link now.


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