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Plant some Lobelia Medicinal herb seeds today in a pot, container or a small spot in your garden

Lobelia organic Herb Seeds

Home Farm Herbery Lobelia Seeds (Lobelia inflata) are Organic and we have just harvested enough to share with our favorite Local Harvest Customers so buy early.

Annual. Press tiny seed into surface of flat and water lightly. Boom water or mist, light dependent germinator. Prefers full sun to partial shade and lots of water. Useful anti-spasmodic & expectorant when combined with more soothing herbs. Use caution; one of its common names is puke weed.
Lobelia is an overwintering annual or annual. Native to the central, southern, and eastern US.  It is a diminutive plant with white flowers that have light-blue spots.  These flowers give way to the characteristic “inflated” seedpods. Lobelia is an indispensable antispasmodic.  Low dose botanical! A liquid extract of the seed is commonly used and can cause the impressive expulsion of thick, ropey mucous from sinuses and bronchi.

Lobelias prefer part to full sun, rich, moist soil, and much water. Short-lived seed. Light-dependent germinators. Sow seed in spring or fall. Average germ time in warm soils is 1 to 3 weeks. Water very gently.  Extra advice on lobelia inflata--if you're really trying to grow a patch for production, it makes sense to follow the natural cycles for this plant.  In nature, germination is in the fall, after which the low-lying rosette overwinters, and flowers and goes to seed in the next spring to early summer.  If you try to grow it as a spring annual it will probably bolt to flower when the soils warm up in the summer and give very little yield.

When you sow this package of seeds you are taking part in the preservation of healing plants worldwide. 

100 Seed Pkt.  $6.95 with free shipping and a free herb or herb blend of our choice.

We thank you in advance for your purchase as all our net proceeds go to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

Limited quantity of these seeds this year so place your order now. 

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