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The Beauty and Benefits of Planting Cleome Spider Plant Heirloom Seeds

The Beauty and Benefits of Planting Cleome Spider Plant Heirloom Seeds

by Arlene Wright-Correll
Home Farm Herbery

Cleome Spider Plant Heirloom Seeds For Sale Cleome hassleriana

Cleomes, also known as spider flowers, are beautiful in almost any setting. At Home Farm Herbery these hardy annuals can grow to 6 feet in height with huge blossoms that are often 8 inches in diameter. Hummingbirds are attracted to their white, pink or red blossoms and flood our gardens. These flowers can be costly if purchased from a nursery. Save money by planting cleome seeds indoors to transplant later, or sow them directly in your flower beds. It's easy to grow cleome plants from seed, and the seeds from the mature plants can be saved for planting next year. Each year we harvest just enough to replant ourselves and share a few with our gardening friends. So buy today as we have a limited supply. These beauties will make you glad you did!

At Home Farm Herbery, each fall, we harvest as many as we are able to and them package them up to resell to raise money for ST. Jude Children's Research Hospital. We usually only have a few packages extra than what we save for ourselves to replant for the next spring and this year we have a couple of packages of approx. 50 Seed Pkt. $7.99 with free shipping and each order comes with a free complimentary herb or herb blend of our choice so buy yours today. Plus all our seeds come with special planting instruction sheets and other free goodies we can think of.

Planting Cleome Spider Plant Seeds Instructions

  1. 1 Decide if you will plant your cleome seeds indoors, to transplant after the danger of frost has passed, or outside. If starting seeds indoors, plant the seeds approximately four to six weeks before transplanting them outside. If you are planting the seeds outdoors, wait until the danger of frost has passed.
  2. 2 Prepare the soil for planting. If planting the seeds outdoors, remove any weeds or debris from the soil. If planting cleome seeds indoors, add soil to your pots. Cleomes thrive in almost any type of soil; no extra preparation is needed.
  3. Sow seeds approximately 1 to 3 inches apart outside, or 1 inch apart indoors in prepared pots. Make indentations in the soil about ΒΌ inch deep with your finger; use a spade if the soil is hard. Place a seed in the indentation and cover lightly with soil.
  4. Water the sowed seeds. Keep the planted seeds moist, but avoid flooding the soil. If planting indoors, make sure the containers have access to light every day. Cleome plants germinate in approximately 10 days.
  5. Wait until the sprouted cleome plants are 1 to 2 inches tall, and then thin them so there is around 1 to 1 1/2 inch of space between the plants.
  6. Transplant any cleome plants you have started indoors to an outdoor location once the danger of frost has passed. Continue to water plants, as needed.

Tread the Earth Lightly

Arlene Wright-Correll
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