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Tornado warnings all morning today


Tornado warnings all morning today and big winds, rains, thunder and lightening until 2 pm. today.

Today was a lovely, but busy day in the mid fifties. Gloria came to clean today and before going over to George’s to do the same she did a lot of yard work for me. However, I had turned the heat lamps off in the greenhouse at 8 am and apparently she turned on the strip they were connected to when she vacuumed the screened in patio and neglected to turn them off so when I went into the greenhouse at 10 am and started watering I could not see that they were on again and bulbs started exploding when the water hit them.

I started a new 2 ft. x 12 ft. perennial wildflower bed down at the end of our driveway and will be adding to it over the next couple of days. I also added some Shasta daisy to it and I found a large envelope in a drawer yesterday that contained some marigold seeds I had saved from 3 years ago so I threw those in also just to see what will happen.


I awoke to a lot of rain and wind, thunder and lightening which Carl said was going on since 4 am. I never noticed. It was so bad that we just ran into town, did some bank business and was back before 9 am. While in the village I noticed the first blooming dogwood tree in someone’s yard and several people who have tulip trees will see them blooming in a day or two.

Upon returning I started a book because I did not want to turn on the computer or TV which I always unplug in lightening storms. By 10 am it had all settled down so I went out and planted the rest of the new bulb bed with 40 mixed gladioli, 4 mixed Cannas, 24 mixed Montbretia and 30 mixed Freesias, installed 10 solar lights and went down the driveway and finished planting the big new perennial wild flower bed. I finished at noon which was nothing short of a total surprise for this old girl.

Tosee the slide show of the flowers planted and what is growing around here right now click on the link now.


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