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We only have a few packets of these rare Morning Glory Seeds - "Flying Saucers" available so buy now

Morning Glory Seeds - "Flying Saucers" Ipomea purpurea


At Home Farm Herbery we enjoy this untreated rare Flying Saucer variety of Morning Glory seeds which provide fast growing vines to 15 ft. with huge 5" blooms of pure white brushed with lavender-lilac to blue in a pinwheel pattern. Lush, tropical-like foliage provide a nice variety to the usual "Heavenly Blues" that most morning glory fans are familiar with. Years ago I brought some seeds home from Oaxaca, Oaxaca and each year we save some to share with others.


Generations of Aztecs and natives in Mexico (Oaxaca region) reportedly believe that a deity lives within the seeds and they may not only have held Morning Glory quite sacred as a result, there's evidence that they may have used them ritualistically as well.


Today, the "Flying Saucers" variety is the rarest Morning Glory variety, and they are grown as a climbing vine with beautiful flowers. Seeds are organically grown and harvested. A great addition to any Garden; these seeds can even be planted in cold climates as they will over-winter and grow a entirely new crop year after year.


If you can only afford to treat yourself to one great seed then this is the one.




Approx. 25 heirloom seeds per pkt $6.99 with free shipping and each order comes with a free complimentary herb or herb blend of our choice so buy yours today. Plus all our seeds come with special planting instruction sheets and other free goodies we can think of.


We thank you in advance for your purchase as all our net proceeds go to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.


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