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We still keep busy at Home Farm Herbery

I awoke at 4:40 am today and could not get back to sleep so I got a lot done around here before breakfast. Right after breakfast I headed out to the green house and filled up a whole table of seed container flats, put in the potting soil and then planted Rosemary,
Broadleaf Sage and herb Yarrow. I also started 4 more pots of Stevia. It looks like the Thyme is coming up in some of the flats in the heat lamp boxes. The temperature is staying about 70 to 75 in the boxes if I close the lids at night before turning on the heat lamps. The green house was about 75 today with the door open and the outside temperature was 70 by noon.

About 10 am I was able to get outside and work some more in the new bulb beds I am building around the old Iris bed. I planted about 40 more mixed Gladiolus, 24 Ranunculus, 4 Cannas and 3 Dahlias of which one is “Seattle”, 1 is “Bluesette” and 1 is called “Mystery Day”.

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