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Its seed drying and packaging time at Home Farm Herbery

Do you every feel that you are busier than a one armed paper hanging?  This time of year I feel that way and it is not because of the holiday season. 

It is because the plants that we allowed to go to seed.  The seeds are now dried from not only them, but also the ones we retracted from heirloom tomatoes, peppers, melons and more.

Now all those little seeds are being put into envelopes to save for next years plantings. However, it was a good year and we got some to share with anyone who is interested in buying the extras. 

Some we have maybe only one or two packages for sale and others we have more. So within the next week we will be putting them up on our waiting listing and hopefully the Local Harvest webmaster will get to them and make them live.

I finally stopped working like crazy and took time to go to my art studio and create a new drawing and I would like to share it with you..It is called A Brooklyn Memory.  May the Creative Force be with You, Arlene

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