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How to Make Herbal Infused Honey

How to Make Herbal Infused Honey


You will need Honey (preferably raw honey from a local bee keeper),

Fresh or dried herbs such as Lavender, Rose Petals, Lemon Balm, Chamomile, Basil, Ginger, Sage, Peppermint, Cinnamon, Vanilla Beans, Star Anise, or Thyme just to name a few and a Glass jar.


Fill a clean glass jar halfway with fresh herbs or a quarter ways with dried herbs

Top with honey, stir and cap with a tight fitting lid

Place in a sunny windowsill and turn the jar over once per day

Add more honey if the herbs swell and rise above the honey

Allow to infuse for 1 week or longer and strain once the desired flavor has been achieved

Enjoy drizzled over desserts, fresh fruit, ice cream, oatmeal, on toast with or without butter, on biscuits, in salad dressings, marinades, sauces, cordials, syrups, or as a sweetener for tea or lemonade.

 Our sample just shows lavender, but you can use others including our suggestions below.  Get Creative!




Watermelon cocktails, grilled chicken pizza and how to make essential oils

Watermelon Blueberry Cocktail Recipe


This refreshing summer cocktail combines the flavors of watermelon and blueberry with fresh vanilla caviar (seeds scraped from a vanilla bean).

Vanilla Citrus Simple Syrup

Yield: ¼ cup (about 60 ml.) simple syrup

Time: 10 minutes


¼ cup (50 grams) granulated sugar

2 tablespoons (60 ml.) water

? teaspoon finely grated lemon rind


Combine sugar, water and lemon rind in a small sauce pan. Split ? of vanilla bean in half lengthwise, scraping seeds into pan. Add pod to pan, as well. Allow mixture to come to a boil over medium high heat, whisking to fully incorporate. Take off heat, strain, discard or save pod for later use, and refrigerate syrup until fully cooled.

 Watermelon Blueberry Cocktail

Yield: 6 cocktails

Active time: 7 minutes

Inactive time: 2 hours 


3 lbs. (1361 grams) seedless watermelon with rind cut off + extra for garnish with rind intact

½ cup (125 ml.) + 2 tablespoons blueberry vodka

2 tablespoons lemon juice 


Puree 3 lbs. (1361 grams) of watermelon in blender until smooth. Strain puree through sieve (should yield about 3 cups). Add blueberry vodka, simple syrup and lemon juice, stirring to combine. Allow mixture to chill in refrigerator for about two hours or until cold.

Serve in cocktail glass with a small triangular wedge of watermelon.

Grilled BBQ Chicken Pizza Recipe


Serves: 4 Adults Time: 30 Minutes


Semolina flour

2 pizza crusts split into 4 mini pizzas*

2 cups cooked, shredded chicken


1/4 cup BBQ sauce per pizza

2 cups shredded mozzarella cheese


Prepare your toppings and get them all ready to go outside near the grill. Place them in easy to get bowls and containers. You will want to move quickly so have them all ready. It's easy to carry them out there in a cookie sheet or large melt-proof platter.

On a separate upturned cookie sheet, or pizza peel, spread semolina across the surface to create a non-stick surface. Divide your dough into four portions and press out into mini pizza shapes, about 1/4 inch thick. Keeping them mini-sized helps make them much more manageable on the grill for a beginner.

Grease your grill grates. Heat your grill up to medium to medium-high heat, around 400-425 degrees. Place your pizza crusts on the hot grill by turning the cookie sheet over on to the grill. The pizza crusts should slide off.

Close the lid on the grill and cook for 2-4 minutes until the crust is golden and has dark grill marks on the bottom. Use a spatula and tongs to carefully turn the crusts over and cook a quick minute or so to harden the bottom crust.

Remove the pizzas from the grills to your waiting cookie sheets. Add the BBQ sauce, chicken, pizza seasoning mix and mozzarella cheese to each pizza. Then carefully return the pizzas back to the grill to continue cooking.

Close the lids and cook an additional 4-6 minutes until the toppings are hot, the cheese is melted and the bottom crust is crispy and golden.

 Remove the pizzas from the grill and serve immediately. Enjoy!

 Use your favorite pizza crust recipe, box mix, or frozen loaf.

Tips on making essential oils from your garden herbs


Three Essential Tips for Success

The process of preserving herbs as aromatic oils is called infusion because the herbs are treated so that their herbal essences “infuse” the oil in which they are immersed.  For this reason essential oils are often called herbal infusions.


Pay careful attention to the three important tips below when you make your infused oils.  If you do then preserving your herbs in the way described will produce really high quality herbal infusions:


Use a good-quality, mild-flavored oil such as sunflower oil. You don’t want the taste of the oil to compete with the flavor and smell of your herbs. For this reason you should avoid using extra virgin olive oil


Cover you herbs completely with oil during the infusing process. Any bits sticking out will oxidize and spoil the flavor of the oil


Before storing the oil make sure you have removed all the plant material. If you don’t the oil will become cloudy and sour.


Recommended herbs are: marjoram,





and  Rosemary

If you want to make essential oils for cooking, you can use basil.


Spices to use: Cinnamon,


Cumin and nutmeg (grated) are the best for homemade oils. Use a pestle or mortar to crush them before adding them to oil.

Citrus to use: The zest of citrus fruits can be used to make homemade essential oils. Use them sparingly in mixtures. About 2-3 strips of zest per bottle.


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