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Wheat, Hard Red Spring (100% Organic/Non-Hybrid/Non-GMO) seeds for sale so buy now

Wheat, Hard Red Spring (100% Organic/Non-Hybrid/Non-GMO)


At Home Farm Herbery we love this hard, brownish, high-protein wheat and we use it for bread and hard baked goods.

Bread Flour and high-gluten flours are commonly made from hard red spring wheat.

Day to Maturity is approximately 75 days

When you sow this package of seeds you are taking part in the preservation of healing plants worldwide. 

Why not try growing your own small patch of organic wheat this year?

Approximately 750 seeds per pkt $7.95

We thank you in advance for your purchase as all our net proceeds go to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital

All orders come with free shipping and a free herb or herb blend of our choice.


Whats been happening around Home Farm Herbery


It was a beautiful day today in the mid 70’s and we had the French doors open and the heat off.  Ken brought the rest of the top soil in and Carl finished the 4 big planters and now they need to be filled up which Ken will do tomorrow for me.

The grape hyacinths are up all over the place and the fruit trees are starting to bud as are the Japanese weeping cherry trees and all the Bradford and Cleveland pear trees.  The daffodils are rampant around here and the green house is really doing its thing. I see the violets are starting to immerge all over the place.


Ken built 2 new planters for me.  He will build one more in the same area. He will fill them for me when he gets to make a couple of trips to town with his truck.


Carl finished the other planters yesterday and Ken helped me fill them today with me being the director and him doing 95% of the work.


Everything is popping out around here and the violets are starting to carpet many areas of our garden walkways.  The temperature got to be 77 degrees today and blossoming trees are breaking out all over the place.  All the Bradford Pear trees half way down the driveway are out in full force and one more good rain will bring the Cleveland Pear trees on the other end out in a day or two.

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