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Who's got the Winter blues?

Well Winter is pretty much here in NW Georgia. The trees are nearly leafless, and all the beautiful spring and summer birds in our region have moved on to their winter grounds, leaving the farm a fairly silent place by comparison.  I am not a big fan of Winter temperatures, but I do love the anticipation of Spring after a chilly snowy icy season.

 Even though we are just moving into the cold months, it's hard to believe that planting begins next month. Farming is a constant for labor input. Those of us who will be planting long season produce like onions and leeks need to get those seeds into pots and started indoors and ready for transplant in March or April.

 Other things to seed indoors will be tomatoes and early greens like lettuce, cabbage, collards, and root veggies like late beets and turnips and rutabagas. Early varieties can go in the soil directly in march and April.

Until then, there's also the prep work on the planting beds. This is a great time of year to collect leaves and debris from the woods to incorporate into the soil. This increases organic matter in the soil and adds carbon, an extremely important nutrient.

I plan to till some into the soil, then lay a cover of newspaper down (adds even more carbon and helps retain moisture), cover that with leaves, and a final covering of biodegradable weed block to keep it all in place. In the spring the beds will be ready to go, and I can just plant through the plastic sheet.

 And of course there's the clearing of additional land for expansion of the farmable area. That's a much bigger project, plenty to keep us busy. So if I get the Winter blues, I'll probably never notice. Gonna be way too busy in this "down time."

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