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Chemicals in Cosmetics Increase Demand for Honey as Health Conscious Consumers Seek Natural Alternatives

Dr. Oz calls honey “liquid gold” and on his show titled Healing Honey, he gave a demonstration with one of the audience members about how to make a honey face mask. As more health conscious consumers look for natural alternatives to chemical laden beauty products, the growing demand for honey continues at the Mohawk Valley Trading Company.

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Obama's Presidential Inaugural Luncheon to Serve Honey from New York State

The Presidential Inaugural Luncheon will serve Seaway Trail Honey from Rochester, NY along with dessert. “We are extremely happy for Pat Bono.” said Mary Ross of the Mohawk Valley Trading Company where they specialize in raw honey. “This exposure is a good for all New York State honey producers.”

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Flu Epidemic Increases Demand for Raw Honey

As the number of reported cases of the flu increase, so has the demand for raw honey at the Mohawk Valley Trading Company. Honey is a well known antioxidant with antimicrobial effects which helps to heal wounds and has been used for eons in many cultures for treating and managing upper respiratory infection symptoms.

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Cure for Cancer and Brain Tumors from Honey: Dr. Balkrishna Thapa Neuro-Surgeon at B.P. Koirala Memorial Cancer Hospital

A cure for brain tumors and cancer could be prepared from some of the elements found in honey according to Dr. Bal Krishna Thapa, a neuro-surgeon at the Bharatpur-based BP Koirala Memorial Cancer Hospital. The Mohawk Valley Trading Company honey is used and endorsed by some of by the world’s most recognized, chefs, pastry chefs, bakers, brewers, mead makers, winemakers and health conscious consumer.

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