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Homestead Honey Shares Elderberry Syrup Recipe Using Mohawk Valley Trading Company Raw Honey

Columbia, MO — On her blog Homestead Honey, Teri recently shared her recipe for making Elderberry Syrup using raw honey from The Mohawk Valley Trading Company.  [Read More]

Yogurt and Comb Honey Parfait Shooters Recipe - Domestic Geek Girl

Pensacola, Florida -- On her blog Domestic Geek Girl, Gingi recently released a new recipe using comb honey; Yogurt and Comb Honey Parfait Shooters.

“This particular parfait recipe is actually a creation from our friend Diego. Diego is currently going to school taking courses in culinary and hospitality arts,” says Gingi. “These make for fun, eye catching appetizer, that would serve well at a ‘choose your own topping’ appetizer station!.”

To learn more and see the full recipe please visit:

About Gingi

Gingi is a photographer, cosplayer, amateur chef, crazy cat lady, anime otaku, bookworm, generic geek, world traveler, conservative Christian, devoted wife and stay at home new mother of a precious baby girl.

She calls herself a crunchy mom in that she feeds her daughter exclusively on donor breast milk (she can’t produce her own), she babywears, uses all natural homemade products on her daughter and in her home, doesn’t vaccinate, uses holistic remedies and intends to homeschool. She uses her blog as a record of her discoveries and projects as she strives to balance her apron-clad Martha Stewart-esque family life with her nerdy indulgences.


New Varietal Raw Honey From the Mohawk Valley Trading Company: Raw Sunflower-Summer Wildflower Honey

The Mohawk Valley Trading Company would like to announce a new addition to their raw honey line up: Sunflower-Summer Wildflower Honey. This is raw honey; it has not been heated, filtered, blended or processed and all of the pollen, enzymes, propolis, vitamins, amino acids, antioxidants, minerals and aromatics are in the same condition as they were in the hive.  [Read More]

Honey Wheat Chocolate Chip Cookies

"These are easy to make, and good for you too with only small amount of butter & sugar they are still sweet and wholesome. The cookies are chewy and go great with Chocolate chips, nuts or dried fruit.  [Read More]

Chocolate Honey Loaf

This wonderful cake can be changed slightly to become a kosher recipe by substituting the butter for a kosher margarine or oil.   [Read More]

Honey Swiss Panini

This panini will take your average lunch and turn it up a notch! The amounts and ingredients are only guidelines  use as much or as little as you want and experiment with different cheeses and breads to make your perfect panini.   [Read More]

Honey Toffee Peanut Butter Cookies

These cookies are a favorite everywhere they go! With honey, toffee, peanut butter and chocolate chips they have everything to be a sure fire crowd pleaser.  [Read More]

Honey Nut Biscotti

This Biscotti recipe uses honey instead of refined sugars to naturally sweeten this morning treat!   [Read More]

Naturally Sweet Honey Corn Bread

This is a deliciously moist, honey cornbread that everyone will love. Sure to become a family favorite!  [Read More]

Baked Honey Lentils Over Rice

A delicious lentil recipe using raw honey, that adds dimension to this savory dish.   [Read More]

Moroccan Spiced Hummus

Traditional Moroccan hummus with the sweetness of honey and the heat of cayenne make this dip the life of the party.  [Read More]

Honey Roasted Nuts

Honey roasted nuts are a fast and easy snack to whip up any time and you can use any type of nut.   [Read More]

Honey Shortcakes

The next time you have company, serve these individual cakes coated in honey topped with fresh fruit and a dollop of whipped cream.  [Read More]

Honey-Nut Bars

The unique flavor of the raw honey comes through in these coconut and pecan bars topped with powdered sugar icing. prepare and freeze the bars, without the icing, for as long as one month. Thaw and top with icing right before serving.   [Read More]
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