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Bailey Blush Reviews and Hosts a Giveaway for Raw Honey From The Mohawk Valley Trading Company

Alberta, Canada -- On her blog Bailey Blush, Bailey recently reviewed three varieties of raw honey from The Mohawk Valley Trading Company. In addition, she is hosting a giveaway for one jar each of Raw Tulip Poplar-Black Locust Honey, Raw Buckwheat Honey, and Raw Summer Wildflower Honey.

“I used the Raw Honey internally as well as externally as a facial cleanser and mask,” said Bailey. “When I first tasted the Wildflower Honey, I had to stop and truly appreciate the incredible taste. It was as if I was eating a bouquet of Earth’s most beautiful flowers. Sweet, Floral and completely intoxicating- I have never tasted something quite like it, and I am not exaggerating in the slightest. The Mohawk Valley Trading Company has wowed my taste buds with these 3 extraordinary Raw Honey’s and I am so pleased with all 3 in terms of taste and topical results.”

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About Bailey

Bailey is a professional Skincare Specialist and Makeup Artist with 9 years experience. She believes in the overwhelming benefits of using natural beauty products in combination with a holistic approach and healthy lifestyle, for total well-being. She is very passionate about intercultural/religious dialogue, living in peace, love and acceptance among her fellow beings of this world.

For a long time, Bailey had been curious and interested in making the switch to natural health and beauty products, but over the past 3 years her awareness of ingredients and their function, good and bad, increased dramatically. In 2011 she had a health scare that made her think twice about her lifestyle choices, beauty products included. After a little research, she needed no more convincing; she says her “common sense kicked in.”

She currently works as the lead Natural Skincare Specialist and Makeup Artist for an integrative health pharmacy that specializes in natural alternatives, offering a holistic approach to health and beauty.

Bailey hopes to spread awareness about harmful ingredients in products that may be effecting the health of many people and help individuals take a holistic approach to beauty |mind, body, soul|. She wants to share her favorite natural beauty products, DIY recipes, and her journey to a healthier, happier non-toxic life.

About The Mohawk Valley Trading Company

The Mohawk Valley Trading Company offers the highest quality organic, unprocessed natural products they can produce namely; maple syrup, raw honey, beeswax, beeswax candles, natural skin care products and handmade soap.  In addition, they offer natural stone, tea and spices from around the world.

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