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Wildflower Honey For Cooking and Baking

Many chefs, cooks and bakers are now learning the wonderful benefits of cooking and baking with wildflower honey. Not only does it add complexity to the flavor of your dish, but your family and guests will absolutely enjoy the delicious mouth-watering taste.

If you are planning to buy wildflower honey for its health-benefits, raw wildflower honey is what you need. Really raw honey is strained, not filtered and  is processed without using any heat at all and is in the same condition as when it left the hive. Heating honey (pasteurization) destroys the all of the pollen, enzymes, vitamins, antioxidants and minerals. Almost all of the commercial honey sold is in the super markets is heated. Really raw honeys will come from lesser known, artisanal producers. Honey that has been heated is called liquid honey.

For cooking, you can use liquid or raw wildflower honey.

Another thing that chefs, cooks and bakers love about wildflower honey is that because of its floral flavor, your baked goods will taste like you have the goodness of wildflowers in every bite. So is not only a wonderful antioxidant, but it adds another layer of flavor to your baked goods as well.

Wildflower honey is sweeter than sugar. This is only normal as its basic components naturally make it sweeter. To offset this, you should use about ¾ the amount of wildflower honey relative to the amount of sugar required in your recipe. Make sure you use only the right amount as you do not want your delicious creations to be too sweet.

Wildflower honey is more beneficial than regular processed sugar and when you use wildflower honey for baking, it makes your cake or pastry moister. It also extends the life of your baked goods as the moisture allows them to not become stale easily.

When using wildflower honey as a baking ingredient, make sure to oil the measuring cup you used so that it will easily slide out of it. This is frequently the hassle of many cooks and bakers because they feel like they just make more mess with honey than with sugar. But with a little skill and knowledge, clean-up will be easier for you. Plus, the praises and affirmation you get after you serve your mouth-watering baked goods will make your efforts worth it.

Cave paintings supposed to have been done in or around 7000 BC shows that people were harvesting honey even then. Honey bees date back even further than that record by centuries. Fossils show proof that bees were pollinating and producing wildflower honey over 150 million years ago, which leads us to believe that the first people may have made use of honey.

Wildflower is one of the most popular varieties of raw honey. You can order wildflower honey online so you can start using this wonderful ingredient for your salad dressings, meat marinades and other home-produced sauces. Get your raw honey from your trusted source and remember that wildflower honey can be used for almost every recipe which has sugar in it.

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