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Inaugural Post!

Well, here goes...  the first entry in the "Lett-uce Blog".  Yes, we know it sounds a bit cheesy, but why not?

We hope  to add some interesting thoughts, stories, and recipes here over the next months, so stay tuned.  Today, just a simple inaugural entry will have to do. 

It is the end of February, and this month has been such a welcome change from December and January!  In December we only had one sunny day.  I'm not sure if we had any in January, but this month it has been different.  And the lettuce sure loves having the sun...  We are recovering from our mid-January loss of most of our lettuce (due to furnace malfunctions and cold), and have finally started harvesting.  It has been great to hear how happy our customers are to be receiving fresh greens once again!


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