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Sesame Chicken

Today's recipe is sesame chicken. You will need about 1 lb boneless chicken breasts cut into 2-3 in. strips, 2 tbs soy sauce, 2 tbs flour and about 3/4 cup of sesame seeds. 

  • pour soy sauce into 9x13 baking dish
  • mix flour, sesame seeds and pepper to taste in a separate dish
  • dredge chicken strips in soy sauce and then roll into sesame mixture to coat
  • bake in same dish at 400 degrees for about 20 -25 min. until chicken is fully cooked and golden brown
  • serve over rice with steamed peas and cooked carrot slivers

Alternative Storage

  In addition to canning, freezing and drying; we like to "store" some veggies right in the garden. We usually plant leeks, turnips, carrots, daikon radishes and cabbages in a patch together (closely spaced) in late summer for winter harvest. After cold weather sets in we cover the area with loose straw (about a foot deep) to prevent the ground from freezing. We're then able to pull the straw and snow back and dig some fresh veggies all winter long. The root crops last until spring while the cabbages and leeks carry well into February. Mice and insect damage is very minimal and the crops seldom freeze.   There's nothing like "fresh dug" carrots when it is 20 degrees and snowing out.

  This method also works well with spinach, chard and kale but the time frame for picking is shorter. Or you can just leave the straw on all winter and get an early crop in spring before the ground is even workable!

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