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Food Prep 101 (continued)

  Today we will add pac choy, asian greens  and snap peas to our list of food uses.

  • snap peas - taste great lightly steamed or added to stir fries. Most people eat them raw in salads or as a snack.
  • asian greens - mixed varieties of mustard and brassica greens (mild or spicey mixes) used as a salad alone or mixed with lettuce. Larger greens can be steamed lightly ( whole plant is edible - stems, leaves and flowers) with the taste ranging from spicey mustard to light cabbage flavors.
  • pac choy - the tops and stalks can be used together or separately. Use the greens in salads or cooked. The stalks can be used much like celery. Strip the green tops, cut the stems or chop into pieces and add it to your favorite dishes. Use them as a healthy snack with dip or fillings.
  • kolarabi - great tasting raw or cooked. Peel outside skin like an apple, cut into thin slices and enjoy. Cut into slivers and add to salads or cook with veggies. Mild cabbage flavor.
 By adding fresh fruit and nuts to your salads, you can change the texture and flavor of the mixture. Pineapple, strawberries, pine nuts and almonds all liven up a salad. Being creative with your produce makes the difference between a boring meal and a standout dish. 
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