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Food Prep 101

  Many things I eat I take for granted. Preparation and cooking them is second nature to me. Having a CSA, I find a lot of people don't know what to do with some of the produce they receive each week having never eaten or been exposed to some vegetables. I'll try to give you the basics in cooking and using the produce and you can find more elaborate recipes as your confidence and tastes grow. I'll add crops as they come into season and you find they in your produce box. 

  • asparagus - good raw, cut into pieces and added to a salad -  steamed about 5 minutes until tender - or coat with oil and roasted in oven
  • kale - baby kale (stems and all) raw in salads or alone - full size leaves steamed or sauteed lightly until soften and wilted. Strip or remove the center ribs and chop leaves before cooking
  • swiss chard and beet greens - same as kale, some people cook beet greens in a little bacon grease and add bits of bacon to it.
  • radishes - good raw or cut and added to stir fries - tops (greens) chopped and sauteed added to mixed cooked greens for a slightly peppery taste
  • fresh herbs - pinch leaves and cut up to add seasoning to any dish. Add to your dishes last and only cook a short time. Extra herbs can be dried or stored in a plastic bag in the fridge or in a vase of water on the windowsill out of direct sunlight. ( depending on type of herb, check online for best fresh storage method ) 
  • chives and bunching onions - chop into 1/4 in. pieces and add to scrambled eggs - sprinkle on top of prepared dishes to add a mild onion seasoning

  As with all foods, experiment with seasonings ( salt, pepper, herbs, dressings) added to create different flavors to your dishes. Do not overcook your veggies or they will become tasteless and mushy. Next week, we will add asian greens, pac choy and snap peas.

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