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Identifying GMO Produce

  Shopping in the supermarket requires constant checking of ingredients and country of origin. Most unmarked processed foods contain GMO ingredients. While the industry continues to stonewall labeling the use of GMO's in their processed foods, we do have a way to check our fresh fruits and veggies for how they were grown. Buying local certified organic is one way; but what if you want items not produced locally? I copy this photo onto my shopping list (you can also copy it to your cell phone) so I have a guide to check items not marked or identified organic. A quick glance at the numbers on the PLU sticker and I can tell if it's a GMO product, regularly grown with pesticides, or organic.

  Knowing your farmer is the best way to buying fresh, unadulterated food but a little knowledge can help make wise choices when it isn't possible.     Eat Fresh, Eat Smart! Eat Naturally!

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