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Mid Michigan CSA Sign Up Season is in Full Swing

Social media makes it easy to stay connected with other Michigan CSA Farms and I've noticed membership is in full swing. Earlier today I saw a couple local CSA's that were all full and have already closed membership. I manage the Central Michigan CSA and we open our membership the first of January and we are usually able to leave it open well into spring.

Over the past several years I've notice that the CSA season depends on where you live.  There several areas that allow for an all year round CSA program, though most farms seem to break it up into several chunks of time.

Most mid Michigan CSA programs operate much like ours as far as membership signup goes, some close earlier than others though.  It really depends on the farm and the farmer who manages the program.

The Central Michigan CSA serves families throughout the Mid Michigan area and we usually see a large group of members sign up in the month of January then February slows a bit. Then in March, April, May and June we see an increase in membership each month.  Over the past few years I've tracked the returning members and over 40% of returning members sign up early, in the month of January.

I've learned the MSU organic CSA has broken their program up into seasons and are now also offering a year round CSA.  One of our farm goals is to offer a winter CSA program in the future that would include canned foods grown here on our farm.  For now we offer a 18-20 week program and that seems to work well in growing zone.

What are your thoughts on a winter CSA program that would include cold weather crops and canned veggies? 

To learn more about our CSA farm you can visit our listing here on Local Harvest or stop by our farm website and read our Central Michigan CSA page. 



Central Michigan CSA Farm Growing Organic Produce For Mid Michigan Families

The Central Michigan CSA farm offers organic produce to it's CSA members in the Mid Michigan area all season long.  The spring of 2014 will be the first year the CSA farm will offer certified organic produce to those who participate in the popular farm co-op in the Mid Michigan area. 

Interested people can learn all about the farm, the food, and CSA program by visiting the Farm website at: http://www.MichiganFarmFreshProduce.com

 The CSA farm is currently enrolling new members and has several shares available for the upcoming season.  There are about 5 different share options to meet your families needs and there is even a share for those who prepare meals for one. 

Members will start to pick up their weekly shares in late May/early June and the season runs into October.  The typical season lasts between 18-20 weeks based on the last 4 years.

Here are some of the vegetables that are produce on Central Michigan CSA farm every year:

 Tomatoes Cucumbers
 Heirloom Tomatoes Lettuce
 Sweet Onions Sweet Corn

 Egg Plant

 Cabbage Watermelon
 Beets Green Beans
 Pickling Pickles Yellow Summer Squash
 Canning TomatoesZucchini
 Green Bell Peppers Butter Cup Squash
 Misc. Hot Peppers Butter Nut Squash
 Swiss Chard Sweet Dumpling Squash
 Radish Basil
 Potatoes Cilantro
 Kale oregano
 Asparagus Much, Much More....

 One of the practices that makes the Central Michigan CSA unique is that it also offers two Premium Share options that also include most every fruit grown here in Michigan.  The fruit offerings start in the late spring with fresh Michigan Strawberries, they are offered for around 4 weeks.  Blueberries, cherries, apricots, plumbs, raspberries, peaches and apples follow the strawberry harvest.  Besides these fruits, all members will find an assortment of homegrown melons throughout July, August and into September.

If you would like to learn more about the Central Michigan CSA farm and membership program, you can visit the farm website today.  While you're there, you should sign up for the CSA Newsletter and become a fan of their CSA Farm page on Facebook. 





Farm Fresh Eggs Offered Througout Mid Michigan~Non GMO

2014 will mark the first year the Central Michigan CSA farm will offer farm fresh eggs throughout the mid Michigan area.  We will have around 600 layers in production by the spring of 2014 and increase the flock to serve the interest we encounter.

We've decided to continue our farm policy of not supporting any GMO products by feeding the layers a strict NON-GMO feed.  They will be pastured during the warmer months along with being provided with free choice of non GMO layer crumble sourced locally.

We are offering Farm Fresh Egg shares through our Central Michigan CSA program and also will have around 120 dozen eggs available per week to the public. You can find our eggs at our Mid Michigan CSA pick up locations in Midland Mi, Mt. Pleasant Mi, Gladwin Mi, and also at our Clare roadside stand and our roadside stand in Sears Michigan which is at the corner of U.S. 10 and 66, next to Smokey Bones BBQ restaurant.

You will also find the Egg CSA here on local harvest in our online store in the coming weeks. To learn more about our farm fresh egg CSA visit our website today. 

You can learn more about our layers, and how to buy farm fresh eggs from us by reading a recent article I wrote on our Farm website or just send me an email. Here is an article I recently wrote about the Non GMO eggs we are offering in the Mid Michigan Area.




Want an Alma Michigan Area CSA Drop Off?

We've been getting a few emails over the last month or so about doing another drop of for the Central Michigan CSA in the Alma Michigan area.  We currently deliver weekly shares to our members in Midland, Gladwin, and Mt. Pleasant, but I'm always willing to consider another location.

The way I determine where to do a drop off is pretty simple. It's really a cost thing.  All I need to feel comfortable about starting a new drop off is five members.  This will allow me to break even and over time the membership will grow. It always has.  I've mentioned the Alma CSA idea to few friends on Face Book and let our current members know to mention it to their friends and family.

If you live in the Alma area (48801) which would include Ithaca Michigan and St. Louis Michigan as well as the surrounding areas please pass this on to your vegetable loving friends.  And if you are interested in a CSA membership, get in touch.  You can visit our farm website right now if you want and give me a call. It's also a great way to learn more about our Michigan produce farm and learn more about our CSA program we would like to offer in the Alma area.

Our produce is naturally grown and fresh picked the day you pick it up.  We offer an 18-20 week program and also have share options that include delicious Michigan grown fruits.

Besides the fruits and vegetables we offer to our CSA members we also produce maple syrup here in our farm along with raw honey and homemade jams. It's good stuff.

Thanks for helping me to spread the word.


Mt. Pleasant Michigan 48858 CSA Program Details- Mid Michigan CSA Program

The Central Michigan CSA has a meet up in Mt. Pleasant Michigan (48858) and we meet right in town. Our CSA farm is located about a 1/2 mile from the northern border of Isabella county. We've been using Island Park as our meet up place in Mt. Pleasant and it's right in town.

Mt. Pleasant CSA Program

The CSA program for our Mt. Pleasant members includes 4 share options and we are considering offering a third, smaller, share option for students. As of right now our share options are:

Full Share: More than a full bushel of produce which includes lots of vegetables, melons and some fruit. The full share is designed to feed 4-6 people who love fresh produce.

1/2 Share: More than a 1/2 bushel of fresh produce which includes vegetables, melons and some fruit. Feeds 2-3 people.

Full Premium Share: This is our largest share and includes vegetables, melons AND fruit for 4-6 people all season long. The premium share is great for fruit lovers as you will recieve a large portion of Michigan grown fruits. The premium share also includes homemade jams, maple syrup, raw honey, and farm fresh eggs.

1/2 Premium Share: This is the same items and variety as the full premium share, just a smaller quanity. The 1/2 share is designed for 2-3 people who love fresh locally grown produce.

To learn more about our Central Michigan CSA Farm I encourage you to visit our website and spend some time learning about how we produce naturally grown vegetables in a sustainable manner.  Here is a link to our website: http://www.michiganfarmfreshproduce.com

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