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Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Drew and I are cooking a traditional Thanksgiving dinner for the second time in 15 years!!!!

The "bird" is in the oven, the taters will be leftovers from last night although I can't exactly call them LO's...we did it on purpose. :)  The market "sweets" are cooking in readiness to be mashed and have all sorts of goodies added to them before they go into the oven.  The green beans that we froze earlier in the season are simmering with a wee bit of ham and some of our Herb'n All.  And, the corn that we froze at the end of the season is soon to be a casserole with cream cheese!

The only boo boo so far is my attempt at making my own yeast rolls.  Why the heck didn't I just buy them?  I have a bowl full of dough that should have risen enough to punch down and yet, there it sits looking like a lump of dough!

Oh well, toast and gravy is good too...isn't it? lol

Have a very happy Thanksgiving Day everyone and  remember that just about everything that you eat today came from a farmer!!!

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