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Last Market Day For Herb'n Renewal

Have you ever had one of those days when you just want to crawl back into bed? We're having one of those. :( To start out with, it seems like the apples that we purchased from a grocery store have been around for awhile...they were rotten, so no Thingies on the last day of the market. After all of the soaking wet rain last week, we had to dry out all of our tents and such. It meant reloading our van, Chuck. Drew went to back Chuck up to the garage and geeeeeeeez, seems like Chuck did not want to play. We think it is the fuel pump. Oh well, now how do we get everything to the market for the last day? We try to figure out how to get all of our market stuff into Bertha Joe! EEEEK! I know, you are all wondering who or what Bertha Joe is. Lol Well, she is a long 1985 Ford LTD Crown Victoria, maroon in color, with some fancy wheels and flaking vinyl top and no heat. But, she is well loved because she belonged to a very dear friend of ours and when he left this earth, he wanted us to have her. His name was Joe and she's a big Bertha...hence Bertha Joe and you all get to meet her tomorrow. :)

As big as Bertha Joe is, the tables would not fit unless we tied them to her roof...that ain't happening! Something tells me that we would have taken flight coming down Nicholasville Rd. lol The great news, farmers are always there to help each other. Made a call to the folks at Hughes Farm and asked if they had a table that we could borrow. Their answer was “of course!” Farmers are great people and we have them to thank for us being able to set up tomorrow...the last day of the Bluegrass Farmers' Market 2013 season.

So, the folks from Herb'n Renewal will be there tomorrow...look for Bertha Joe instead of Chuck. And, even though you won't find Thingies, Karin did make some Foam'n Soap and she'll be bringing the soapy gift baskets too! Drew has packed seasoning galore!

Just thought I would give you a report from our market goodies last week. Robin Hughes from Hughes Farm shared some of her home baked pumpkin goodies with us...delish!!!! I had a Swedish treat this week...radish, butter, salt on white bread sandwich. I know, weird but I grew up eating them and they are wonderful. Jane had perfect radishes...not hot, just crunchy and good! I know my dad, Lars, was smiling down as I enjoyed one of his favorites. On Tapp Dairy provided the eggs for the unbelievable cheese omelets we had for dinner on Tuesday...the Riverhaven Farm peppers were the perfect added attraction! Life is good. :)

Hope to see ya all's the last chance to stock up! And, we want to say thank you for a great season! :)

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