Good Season'n With Herb'n Renewal

  (Lancaster, Kentucky)
Tak'in the guesswork out of seasoning your food!

New Season, New Market!

After taking one year off from selling at a farmers market, Herb'n Renewal is back at it! Yup, we couldn't stand another year of not seeing our customers so we joined a newer, smaller but grower/producer only market in Lexington. The Bluegrass Farmers' Market welcomed us and so did the customers.

It was really a pleasure to be amongst “real” farmers and producers for a change. After 10 years of selling at the largest market in town and watching more and more resellers show up, it was indeed nice to actually talk to someone who really knew about that rhubarb that he was selling! Granted the Bluegrass Farmers' Market is much smaller but at least I know that when I purchase something that we don't's really local and homegrown!

So, if anyone would like to come visit us at our new “home” you'll be able to find Herb'n Renewal among other growers and producers each Saturday at the Bluegrass Farmers' Market. Don't expect to find corn or tomatoes yet cause they just aren't in season in Kentucky. But, you'll find great farm fresh eggs, beautiful bedding and hanging plants, loads of heirloom tomato plants, spring greens, baked goods, soaps, onions, rhubarb and even our herb seasoning.

You'll have to drive a bit outside of downtown but there's plenty of parking and it's a lovely lot with real trees, smiling farmers and happy customers! We'd love to see you.

Here's a link to the listing at Local Harvest for the Bluegrass Farmers' Market.

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